Cultivating Change Through Design, Innovation and Technology at EDIT 2017

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Cultivating Change Through Design, Innovation and Technology at EDIT 2017

We’ve seen time and time again that design can be an effective vehicle for providing meaningful change for combatting today’s global issues. There’s constantly a lot to discuss, share and explore which is why we’re excited for Design Exchange’s launch of EDIT: Expo for Design, Innovation, & Technology, created in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme. This impactful 10-day expo will run from September 28 to October 8, 2017 and will cover how design, innovation, and technology can solve problems today for a better future tomorrow.

Supertree Grove

Homefarm, photo by SPARK

Shauna Levy, the President of Design Exchange, shared why designers and thinkers should care about this expo and we agree with every, single, word:

We assembled some of the brightest most creative thinkers and doers of our time to help demonstrate the true transformative power of design. While the esthetics of design can be powerful in and of itself, design is so much more than that. Be it climate change, challenges of urbanity, or ensuring the basic needs are met for all, design should have a seat at the table. The grand challenges we face as a planet can be solved through design, innovation and technology. EDIT is a platform for these ideas and this new way of thinking. And, the UNDP’s Goals for Sustainable Development show that if we work together on a global scale, we can solve anything.

Little Sun, photo by Michael Tsegaye

Project Unicorn, photo by Jen Lee Reeves and

Victoria Hand Project

FICO, photo by Carlo Ratti Associati

There are five pillars of EDIT: Shelter/Cities, Nourish, Care and Educate but the overarching theme is “Prosperity For All.� The expo will bring curators, speakers, and creatives together through speaker panels and unscripted talks, workshops, exhibitions, installations, immersive pavilions and much more inside a warehouse spanning 150,000 square feet and five separate floors.

We’ll talk about the future of food with featured EDIT speaker One Hop, profile the food experience with Marije Vogelzang, and learn about Newcomer Kitchen tackles the refugee crisis through food & hospitality. Jonathan Josephson’s Quantum Interface will demonstrate how technology can change the lives with those with mobility problems and hear from a panel of women who are changing the tech-game how they’re breaking glass ceilings and excelling in the robotics arena. We’ll see how interiors and architecture can play a role in self-sustaining farms and buildings and how everyday technologies like drones and your iPhone can change the world. Other notable speakers include Bruce Mau (co-founder of the Massive Change Network), Carlo Ratti, Scott Dadich, Julielynn Wong and Kentaro Toyama.

WaterFarmers Aquaponics

Art installation by Moritz Waldemeyer

In all realms of design, innovation and technology, there’s a way to make a difference. This is guaranteed to be an incredible eye-opening and thought-provoking experience for designers, creatives, and thinkers who want to use their abilities for good. Ready to head to Toronto? Be sure to buy your tickets to partake in all the activities. Visit

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