Interior Home Accents

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A Guide to Interior Home Accents
When people think about interior design, some think of the basics such as sofas, tables, beds etc. Those are all a part of interior design, however there are also the accents: chandeliers, floor and table lamps, mirrors, and wall art. They help personalize the room, give it a unique look and help make a house feel like a home.
When choosing interior home accents, keep your preferred look and style in mind:
Sleek Modern Look
Modern designs have always been the most common sought after look by homeowners. Modern designs are associated with natural materials, neutrals with a pop of colour and clean lines. You want to have:
1. A Focal Point: this is something that first draws the eye of the person walking into the room. Usually if you do this, you want to keep the rest of the room’s design as simple as possible. An example of this would be a large ornate mirror hung on the wall or above the mantelpiece such as Barrymore’s “Palace Over Mantle Mirror�.

2. Lighting: having a variety of light fixtures can modernize a room with its different levels of light. You can mix this up with chandeliers and various lamps such as Barrymore’s “7-light Midnight Chrome Chandelier� and “Tagus Floor Lamp�.


Minimalist Style
Minimalist designs are on the rise with a clutter free look of sharp straight lines. In a minimalist home surfaces are usually clear, however, it would be boring to have a home that is completely cleared of things. This is where interior accent pieces come in – they add a tasteful and more personal touch to an otherwise clear room. For those who desire the minimalist look but want to keep their room stylish and functional but not cold and soulless, here are some tips:
1. Use: you want to make sure that every item in the room has a function. There is not much clutter in a minimalist home because the only items that are used are the ones that are needed. Consider Barrymore’s “Architectural Brass Table Lamp� which adds a mid-century vibe.

2. Colour: in a minimalist home, there are no cluttered surfaces, they are almost always clear save for a couple of choice accent decorations. A great way to brighten up a room is to add a tasteful piece of art work. Barrymore displays the work of several local artists in their showroom, such as that by Paul Brown, below.


Vintage Look
Vintage looks are all about establishing a homey feel through eclectic pieces. Usually the interior home accents for this look are described as classic and well worn. A complete opposite for the modern and minimalistic styles, vintage is all about creating a feeling of warmth and coziness in all aspects of the room. You would want to have:
1. Eclectic Piece: this would be a piece that stands out and contrasts other furnishings.
2. Colourful Fabrics: Introduce colourful fabrics with rich textures and patterns on furnishings and walls. Barrymore has thousands of beautiful fabrics available to customize your furniture. Check out our Fabric Room.


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