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Mason Jars Wall Sconces -  A fresh way to add some color to your home

One of my favorite “treat yourself� things to do is to buy myself fresh flowers when I’m grocery shopping. Even a small bunch of tulips or sunflowers totally brightens up the kitchen or living room. The summer is a great time to take advantage of more affordable bouquets, while the flowers are in season. I was thinking that a neat way to bring some more color into any room in your house would be to use my rustic wall sconces to display those pretty summer petals. Bonus points if you pick some posies from your own garden!


   Photo credit: Pam from @homeonfernhill

If you use one wall sconce on each side of your bed, you can change up the flower selection each week to suit your mood or the room’s décor. It also has the added bonus of smelling flowery and fresh. If a more permanent display is your style, artificial flowers still look great and are super low maintenance. It’s fun to swap out the flowers as the seasons change: bright orange flowers at Thanksgiving, some sprigs of holly at Christmas…you get the idea! Flower filled wall sconces would also be a great way to bring life to those empty spaces around the house where you can’t find a piece that fits perfectly. I love using a few sconces together, which allows for larger spaces to be interesting to the eye without being overwhelming.


Don’t feel limited to filling your wall sconces with flowers – they are such a versatile décor item. You could use them in your office to hold pens (stylish, but practical) or in your bathroom for various toiletries. No matter how you chose to use them, the Mason jar and unique wood back piece add a rustic, romantic touch to your home 


My talented customers were so nice to share these stunning photos with our rustic sconces at their homes ♥

Photo credit: Brittney N.