Irresistible Home Office Ideas You’ll Want to Try

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From big city apartment to sprawling country home, the home office has become one of the most sought-after interior spaces no matter the location. Home owners and renter’s crave a spot to work or pursue creative endeavors. Whether it’s an entire room or a tiny niche in the corner for a desk, that home office or home office area is important for peace of mind and staying organized. Here are eight spaces with clever and creative ideas that inspire:

Pink Home Office

So perfect for spring or any other season, this spacious gray home office is accented in brilliant pink. The large scale blooms on white drapery panels are a fabulous touch, don’t you think.

Light and Airy Home Office

Consider clear acrylic or glass to enhance a small room’s illusion of light and airy space. The colors in this tiny home office area are charming.

Blue Home Office

Seeming much larger than it is, this chic “corner” office is light, airy and inviting. Horizontal wide stripes on the wall make the room feel larger.

Tiny Home Office

Again, wide horizontal stripes add a spacious feel and define the “office.” The dipped legs on the desk add visual appeal.

Spacious Home Office

For those who have an entire room to dedicate to a home office, this decor is awesome. Every element is designed to emphasize and enhance the spacious feel of the room.

Tiny Home Office Space

Love tropical decor? Add a lush look with framed prints of leaves, ferns and other greenery. A bamboo chair can also make a tropical design statement.

Chic Home Office Space

Go with a minimalist look with pale wood and dark walls. We love this chic and stylish “home office.”

Spring Home Office Decor

Coming full circle back to spring accents, this white office area has touches of irresistible pink.


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